Business approach
UDL’s business are supported by an integrated quality management system that underpins every aspect of its operations.
By strategically positioning quality management at the heart of its operations, UDL has bound together the full value chain of a construction company, thus embedding the concept of a triple bottom line management culture, which is central to reinforcing sustainability and delivering a quality outcome to all stakeholders.
Quality management is the cornerstone of UDL’s operation culture and business approach.
The company has over-arching measures to consistently monitor performances and aims to empower employees to live its corporate value.

Our cost-effective strategy
Our strategy to increase productivity and minimize cost can be summarized as follows:

• Good planning.
• Properly organized work.
• Continuous supervision.
• Effective scheduling of materials and equipment.
• Minimizing rework with timely quality control.
• Well trained workers and managers.
• Preventing accidents through safety.

Our values: what we believe in
“We have six simple values that guide our behavior and culture of innovation. Our values permeate through everything we do, including our relationships with our clients, our partners, our suppliers and the communities where we work…”
• Customer-Focused
• Commitment
• Respect
• Integrity
• Work Ethic
• Service

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